If You Suffer From Chronic Foot Pain, Fat Pad Injections Could Be the Answer

You’ve been on your feet all day and the pain is unbearable. The problem is, this is a daily occurrence. You can’t seem to escape foot pain, no matter how many methods you try.

Your chronic foot pain most likely means the natural cushioning on the bottom of your feet has atrophied. What you need is an experienced doctor to diagnose and treat the problem.

Here at the Foot, Ankle, & Leg Vein Center, our doctors provide expert medical treatment. Both Jason Gold, DPM and Jodi Schoenhaus, DPM pride themselves on giving personalized and caring treatment. They and the rest of our team will help you walk pain-free again.

What is fat pad atrophy? 

Take a moment and look at the bottom of your feet. If they're healthy, you'll have fat cushioning on your heels and the balls of your feet. For some people, that protective layer diminishes and causes pain. This problem is commonly known as fat pad atrophy. 

What causes fat pad atrophy?

You’ve looked at your feet and now you realize there isn’t much cushioning. Don’t panic. This is a normal and often an unavoidable part of life. There are several reasons for your feet losing their cushioning.

For some, it's an inherited trait. For others, it's the result of heel pain, corns, calluses, bunions, neuropathy, or other foot conditions. It can also develop from diabetic ulcerations.

There's a chance it could be a natural part of growing older. The older you become, the more years of use you put on your feet. Do you like strenuous activities? Constant running and working on your feet increases your likelihood of chronic pain.

How fat pad injections or fat transfer can help 

If you're like most people, you've tried to treat your chronic pain by wearing over the counter shoe inserts and pads. Unfortunately, they only provide temporary relief. They also do nothing when you're walking barefoot or in sandals.

When you visit an experienced doctor such as Dr. Gold or Dr. Schoenhaus, they’ll target your treatment to address your individual foot needs. They might recommend injections to help ease pain and other complications. Whether you suffer from heel pain, toe pain, or a burning sensation. Fat pad injections with dermal fillers or fat transfer can help.

Different types of fat pad injections and foot dermal fillers

It's important you receive your fat pad dermal filler injections from a board-certified doctor. That's the best way to lower your risk of complications and ensure you walk away feeling great.

There are several different options for fat pad injections, but here are three of the most common:

Fat transfer

The doctor takes fat cells from your inner thigh or calf. As an option a plastic surgeon can take the fat from your stomach or buttock to achieve a full liposuction contouring. The fat is then transferred to the soles or top of your feet. This provides your feet with cushioning, so you don't feel pain when you walk.

Fat pad surgery

Let’s assume you're going to have bunion correction surgery or another foot procedure. You could also have a tissue graft done to replace any noticeable tissue loss in your fat pads.

Injectable Fillers

If surgery doesn’t sound like a viable option, an in-office injection might be perfect for you. It’s highly effective as it adds cushioning to the sole of the foot. Dermal fillers are placed into the foot for cushioning of the painful areas. 

When you visit the Foot, Ankle, & Leg Vein Center, either Dr. Gold or Dr. Schoenhaus will inject a gel-like substance into the bottom of your feet. This is a popular option for patients because they experience relief almost instantly.

Ease your chronic foot pain today 

Do you experience chronic foot pain? There's no escaping it on your own. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid being on your feet. But guess what? You don’t have to accept the pain! Foot fat pad injections can help relieve the discomfort in your feet so you get back to doing what you love.

Contact us on our website and schedule a consultation today.

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