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Orthotics for Foot Pain

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The 411 on Orthotics for Foot PainA lot of people turn to orthotics to alleviate foot pain. Orthotic inserts are slim devices that slide into any shoe, replacing the insole and providing added support where you need it most. There are dozens of different orthotics on the market, and in the midst of all your foot pain it can be hard to tell which will work and which will leave you sore and headed for the couch.

Not all orthotics are created equally. A lot of stores stock aisles of orthotics. These types of insoles are little more than added cushioning to slide into ill-fitted shoes and won’t do a lot of good for those who have real foot concerns. Custom-made orthotics are often a much better option. These orthotics are tailored to your foot, providing you with just the right amount of arch support, shock absorption, and alignment correction.

Treating Foot Pain Requires Customization

When you scrape your elbow you reach for a Band-Aid. That is because a Band-Aid is the best tool for the job, and most people will agree with you. However, what type of Band-Aid are you reaching for?

The answer to this question will differ for every person reading this. Some of us prefer long bandages that are water and sweatproof, while others would rather try a miniature square Band-Aid. The goal of the bandage is the same, but depending on the type of scrape, how badly you are bleeding, and your own history with Band-Aids you are going to tend to your wound differently than anyone else.

Unfortunately, shoe orthotics are not as easy to pack into a variety box. The way that you react to an orthotic is going to be different than the way your own mother or spouse reacts. In some circumstances, orthotics won’t alleviate foot pain at all, especially if you resist the support and wind up putting more stress on your feet.

Orthotics are a good tool to improve foot health some of the time. Never assume that your foot pain will go away if you purchase an orthotic. Always check in with your foot specialist Dr. Schoenhaus before purchasing any sort of foot support. If your foot pain is prompted by a more serious concern that requires medical or surgical treatment, an incorrect orthotic might actually cause you more pain—if not just cost you unnecessary funds.

For foot pain relief and the answers to your orthotic questions, talk to Dr. Schoenhaus.

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