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Vein Treatment for Legs

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Vein Treatment for Younger GamsFace it: varicose veins are not the most attractive look to pull off. The web-like growths of twisted, bulging veins are enough to make many people hide their legs from the world. When you are struggling with varicose veins in Boca Raton or elsewhere in South Florida the problem becomes even more profound, as wearing long pants in the South Florida summer isn’t exactly an easy task. However, noninvasive vein treatment such as laser therapy can help you eliminate the appearance of varicose veins on your legs.

Varicose veins are very common with age. In fact, more than half of all women develop the problem at some point in their life. Factors like hormone changes during menopause and pregnancy increase the risk of developing vein disease. For many women, varicose veins are looked at as another sign of aging. They are grouped with other seemingly inevitable cosmetic issues that tend to develop with age like wrinkles and gray hair. But you can dye your hair back to its natural color and cosmetic solutions like Botox fix the wrinkles, so why not try eliminating those varicose veins too?

The truth is that varicose veins are nothing like these other cosmetic problems. While varicose veins might look embarrassing they are the sign of a larger problem—a form of vein disease called venous insufficiency that if left untreated can increase your risk for blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and even ulcers.

Here are a few of the leading vein treatment options that can reduce or eliminate the appearance of varicose veins on your legs:

  • Laser therapy: Laser vein therapy uses a specialized laser that targets and destroys the damaged vein, causing blood to recirculate to the surrounding veins. The damaged vein will then naturally dissipate over the course of several days to weeks, causing the discoloration and raised lines on the legs to also disappear.
  • Vein surgery: Surgical ligation or stripping is a more intense treatment method for varicose veins, and is often turned to in cases of severe venous insufficiency. This is an outpatient surgical procedure that requires anesthesia and generally involves a brief period of downtime following the operation. This form of vein treatment is generally recommended when there are health complications developing as a result of the varicose veins.
  • Sclerotherapy: The most common form of treatment for varicose veins, sclerotherapy uses a specialized solution that is injected into the damaged vein, ultimately causing it to collapse and fade away. For optimal results, several sclerotherapy sessions are usually necessary.

There is no reason to hide your legs from the world due to a couple of raised, discolored veins. Treatment for varicose veins can reduce your risk of complications from venous diseases while eliminating an embarrassing problem. For more information about vein treatment contact Dr. Schoenhaus.

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