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Are Bunions Limiting Your Activities and Lifestyle?

Bunions can be very painful. With each step, 85 % of your entire body weight goes through that bunion. Ouch! A common misconception about a bunion is that it is an overgrowth of bone that can simply be “shaved off”. Bunions are complex deformities caused by an unstable joint and must be fixed at their root with Lapiplasty.

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All NEW Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction

Relief is here. Now, there’s a new, patented treatment for bunion correction. Dr. Schoenhaus is offering this exciting, new treatment option which does more than simply remove “the bump”; it addresses your bunion in three dimensions to correct the root of the problem so the bunion does not come back. Advanced fixation technology is used to secure the correction in place, which allows patients to walk within days of surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Gold, he will determine if a Lapiplasty is the best option for you.

What can I expect from the treatment process?


Why Lapiplasty®?

While traditional 2D osteotomy surgery merely cuts & shifts the bone to address the cosmetic bump, Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ corrects the entire bone in 3D and secures the unstable foundation to get you back on your feet quickly in a walking boot.3,4 The Lapiplasty® Procedure has also shown low recurrence; 97% and 99% maintain 3D correction in 13 and 17 months respectively.3,5


3D Bunion Correction

Lapiplasty correcting at root


2D Bunion Surgery

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Within Days

Begin to put some weight on your foot1,2

Next 4-6 Weeks

Walk in a boot and return to daily activities

At 6-8 Weeks

Transition back into comfortable shoes

At 4-6 Months

Resume most activities and return to normal footwear

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Lapiplasty ® 3D Bunion Correction

What Should I Expect In Terms Of Recovery?

Being able to walk in a surgical boot, as opposed to being completely non-weight bearing (in a cast with scooter or crutches) for 6-8 weeks, means that you will be getting back to a better quality of life faster; may return to most occupations more quickly; and will be less inconvenienced by bunion surgery.

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Before & After Results

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some questions patients commonly ask and their respective answers:

Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction allows you to walk within days of surgery. Patients can return to most occupations within days to a couple of weeks, wearing a surgical boot. Within six weeks, you can expect to be walking in comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes, however, you should not plan on any high-impact activities for 3-4 months. Short shopping trips and leisurely strolls are examples of the types of activities that should be fine at this point. Around the 4-month mark post-op, you should be able to return to most activities and most shoe wear.
The Lapiplasty® Procedure allows most patients to return to their desired shoes.
Yes, there are no permanent activity limitations after the Lapiplasty® Procedure. Most patients are able to return to most activities after the bones have completely healed at approximately 4 months.

The procedure is an outpatient procedure and typically will take about an hour. If your doctor is performing any additional procedures at the same time the surgery may take longer.

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