Laser Vein Therapy

Laser vein therapy can safely and quickly remove spider veins and varicose veins with minimal discomfort.

Laser vein treatment uses advanced technology to destroy problematic blood vessels by heating the blood inside, ultimately causing the vein to collapse. If you suffer from spider veins or varicose veins, Dr. Schoenhaus can help you eliminate them in as few as two to three sessions of laser vein treatment in Boca Raton.

Laser Vein Therapy for Spider and Varicose Veins

Laser vein therapy is one of the leading forms of therapy for venous conditions like varicose and spider veins. Spider and varicose veins are both common conditions that cause skin discoloration as a result of twisted and enlarged veins sitting just beneath the surface of the skin.

The role of a vein is to push blood towards the heart. When veins become weakened or faulty, blood is not able to pass freely through the passageway and instead begins to pool.

Varicose and spider veins can cause a number of symptoms, including:

Spider and varicose veins are often hereditary. If your parents had problems with these veins developing on their leg, you might as well. Other causes of these conditions include pregnancy, being overweight, and standing or sitting for long periods without moving.

Not all instances of spider and varicose veins require treatment, though many people prefer the veins to be removed for aesthetic and comfort purposes. Dr. Schoenhaus can remove spider and varicose veins with laser vein treatment in Boca Raton.

What to Expect from Laser Vein Therapy

Laser vein therapy is ideal for spider and varicose veins that sit just beneath the skin. In most cases, a number of treatment sessions are necessary for the complete elimination of problematic veins.

During laser vein treatment, you will be seated or in a reclined position while a specialized device is used to deliver targeted lasers to the problem area. Using heat, the laser damages the vein and creates scar tissue in its place. The scar tissue causes the vein to close, and eventually, the vein will shrivel and disappear.

Following laser vein therapy you will be permitted to return to normal activity. For several days following the procedure, you will be asked to wear medical stockings to promote healing.

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