Toe Conditions

Many different conditions and deformities of the toes can cause pain, especially when irritated by footwear. Dr. Schoenhaus offers treatment options for a variety of different toe conditions that can help you find relief and get back on your feet.

What toe conditions Are Treated at the Foot, Ankle, and Leg Vein Center?

Conditions like hammertoes and corns are often the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or high heels and may develop in conjunction with one another. Corns are a sign of your skin’s natural defenses against friction, while hammertoes are sometimes congenital and develop slowly over time.

If you believe you are suffering from a toe condition not listed above, a consultation with Dr. Schoenhaus may help you find the root of the problem and an appropriate course of treatment.

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Dr. Schoenhaus offers treatment for a variety of different toe conditions, including the following:

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Schoenhaus will typically be able to make a diagnosis of your toe condition based on a routine physical examination.

For minor issues like corns, adjustments that reduce irritation may be all that is necessary. If corns have been caused by hammertoes or bunions, resolution of the underlying issue may be needed. In rare cases of infection or ulcer, it may be necessary to remove the affected tissue.

Most toe conditions can be corrected with outpatient plastic surgery techniques that result in little to no downtime.