Medicure Medical Pedicure

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Medicure – Treatment
for Dry & Damaged Foot Skin

Treatment for Dry & Damaged Foot Skin – This medical pedicure program (Medicure) is performed under the direct supervision of Dr. Schoenhaus. The program was implemented to provide a safe and clean environment to have your nails and skin of the feet treated. No more ingrown toenails or nail infections that are commonly contracted at the nail salon.

It is available to treat conditions of the nails and the skin of the feet and legs. In a safe and comfortable setting, a Certified Master Pedicurist who is a licensed Aesthetician will use Sterile Instruments to provide a basic Medicure, Dry Sole Treatment, Nail Fungal or Nail Repair Treatment or a Foot Facial.

The Basic Medicure

Medical-based corrective pedicure under sterile conditions. Beginning with an anti-bacterial solution and gentle exfoliation using podceuticals and dermabrasion to eliminate dry skin and calluses. The treatment includes detoxifying, nail shaping, and reflexology to improve the look and feel of your feet. This treatment can be finished with a matte nail buff or polish that is NOT shared between patients.

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Foot Repair Systems

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Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment

Painful or unsightly fungal infections affecting the nails and skin are treated by focusing on fighting the infection and treating discoloration with our nail bleaching or our colored anti-fungal polish system. Medical grade podceuticals & antifungals are used. Ask about our Laser Treatments.

Nail Repair System

Unsightly nails with grooves, lifting, severe fungus, and cracking are treated with a nonchemical, odor-free, natural system. Nails are treated with an innovative light-cured system that maintains a healthy appearance to the nail.

Nails that commonly get ingrown can be treated with a bracing system to help the nail grow straight.

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The Facial For Your Feet

Using medical-grade products the effects of aging feet are diminished. By removing the topmost layers of the skin, the feet are left soft and vibrant. This treatment reduces sun damage, age spots, scars, fine lines, and pigment patterns. We utilized vitamins, minerals, and skin-lightening agents for natural-looking results.

Treatment Packages

To ensure maximum benefit from our treatments for fungal nails, calluses, dry or cracked skin, we recommend monthly treatments. We offer packages with discount pricing including a take-home regimen of care.

Medicure Dry Sole Before Photo

Damaged Foot Skin – Before: Foot with Dry & Cracked Sole

Medicure Renewed Sole After Photo

Damaged Foot Skin – After: Foot with Renewed, Moisturized Sole