Boca Physician to Host Red Shoe Event Open House

Boca Physician to Host Red Shoe Event Open House – March 15, 2007

Boca Raton’s Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus is taking a completely different approach to podiatry care. Aesthetic foot care services are unique, and offer women the ability to walk with comfort, and look great doing it.

At a special Red Shoe Open House on Thursday evening, March 29, 2007, Dr. Schoenhaus will be introducing Fat Pad Restoration, as seen on 20/20 and EXTRA. She will also offer free Leg Vein Consultations highlighting the New EVLT® procedure for varicose veins, as seen on Fox News.

To add even more excitement, the Shoe Box will unveil the latest trends in fashion footwear. With Shoe Box discounts, you can walk out in style.

The Red Shoe Open House will take place at Dr. Schoenhaus’ office located at 670 Glades Road #320, Boca Raton, FL 33431 in the Oaks Medical Complex across from FAU, from 6:00 to 9 P.M. To commemorate this special event, Dr. Schoenhaus will be making a donation to the American Cancer Society.

At The Cosmetic Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, Dr. Schoenhaus’ most commonly performed procedures include Ball of the Foot Cushioning with the use of collagen or dermal fillers, correction of bunions and toe abnormalities, such as webbed and short toes, Foot Facials for dry, cracked and callused feet and Botox for reduction of excess perspiration. Leg Vein care focuses on cosmetic sclerotherapy or laser ablation. ELVT®, the newest laser technique in treating varicose veins, will be highlighted as well.

Dr. Schoenhaus is a foot, ankle and leg vein specialist. After intense surgical training, she moved to Florida to open a boutique practice focusing on surgical correction of the foot and ankle, followed by cosmetic finishing touches. Dr. Schoenhaus explains the key is to understand foot mechanics of walking, diagnose the abnormality, utilize conservative or surgical means to correct the problem (e.g., bunion correction) and then add cosmetic finishing touches such as scar reduction.

Aesthetic foot procedures range from $1,000- $3,500, and are permanent. Dr. Schoenhaus justifies, “If a person is going to spend $500 on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, why wouldn’t they want their feet to look just as spectacular?”