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Medical study findings using Juvéderm Voluma treatment for fat pad atrophy

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pexels elly fairytale 3865561 1

We are pleased to report our intermediate-term medical study findings using Juvéderm Voluma as a treatment for fat pad atrophy. Fat pad atrophy is a condition where the natural padding in a person’s foot is lost or shifted.

This loss of natural fat padding leads to high-pressure forces with walking causing pain with activity and a decrease in a person’s quality of life. Activities such as tennis, golf, hiking, and dancing become very painful.

Fat pad restoration is a treatment where the person’s lost fat is replaced. Dermal fillers used in plastic surgery and dermatology have been used as off- label products in the foot for fat pad atrophy.

The Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center currently has a clinical trial with Allergan using Juvederm Voluma in various parts of the foot to evaluate the benefit of restoring volume to a person’s foot. This is an FDA approved listed on

When Juvéderm is injected into an area causing pain and pressure with walking it is hypothesized that the dermal filler will add a cushion so you can walk with more padding and shock absorption. The study that had 30 individuals in rolled is now halfway complete.

This year-long study has shown that when Juvederm is injected into the foot there would be decreasing pain and improvement in overall quality of life. This will allow people to get back to activities that they were unable to perform. We are pleased to report the six-month findings that have an overwhelming positive benefit to the patient who received the injection. What we are waiting to see is how long the benefit of the injection will be present for. Early findings show that after six months there is an improvement of pain and improvement in the patient’s quality of life. The longer-term evaluation will determine how long the relief lasts before a maintenance treatment is needed.

For more information contact Dr Jodi Schoenhaus at the Boca Raton Foot, Ankle, Leg Vein center.

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