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Ankle Sprain Treatment with a Foot and Ankle Specialist Boynton Beach

ankle sprain

When the foot is suddenly or violently turned or twisted sideways, an ankle sprain can occur. Although exercise and sports are the most common causes of these sprains, they sometimes occur during everyday activities. Stepping onto an uneven surface, an awkward trip, or a sudden loss of balance could all lead to a sprain.

At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, we are experts in diagnosing and treating ankle sprains. Find out more about this common injury and learn when it’s time to call a foot and ankle specialist Boynton Beach.

There are Two Types of Common Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains typically fall into one of two broad categories:

  • An eversion ankle sprain is one where the injury is caused by an outwards twisting motion. The pain from an eversion injury will be felt mostly around the inside of the ankle joint.
  • An inversion ankle sprain is more common, with nine out of ten injuries being of this type. This occurs when the ankle and foot twist inwards. The pain is felt around the outside of the ankle, with little or no pain felt on the inside of the joint.

Both types of injuries will limit mobility, cause pain when walking and resting, and extensive bruising will usually occur.

Treatment is necessary to ensure effective healing and recovery with a complete range of motion. A foot and ankle specialist Boynton Beach will use physical examination and imaging techniques to determine the severity of the injury and the best treatment and rehabilitation program.

Signs That It’s Time to Talk to Your Foot and Ankle Specialist Boynton Beach

Foot and ankle injuries aren’t always serious, but it’s important to understand that pain isn’t normal. Any kind of pain or discomfort that lasts more than a day should be referred to your podiatrist Boynton Beach for examination.

In cases of ankle sprains, it’s usually a sign to call your doctor when:

  • You notice swelling around the ankle after suffering a fall or injury while walking, running, or playing sports.
  • You develop bruising around the ankle. This bruising may be severe and could extend into the foot towards the toes.
  • It’s hard to bend your ankle and to tilt your foot up and down.
  • It’s uncomfortable or painful when you walk.
  • Pain is most severe around the area of the ankle where the swelling and bruising started.

Although it’s possible to walk on a sprained ankle, it’s never a good idea to do this without advice from your foot and ankle specialist Boynton Beach. The ankle might not be ready to support your weight, and it could lead to another trip or fall that worsens the injury.

How are Sprained Ankles Treated by a Podiatrist Boynton Beach?

Most patients can heal using the RICE method after the initial consultation. This includes Resting the foot and ankle, Icing around the site of the injury, Compressing the injury with a bandage or stocking to reduce swelling, and Elevating the foot and ankle to alleviate pain.

In patients who are young and healthy, this form of treatment is enough to allow for healing, usually over a period of a few weeks. Crutches may be needed in some cases to keep the weight of the ankle while moving around.

In severe cases, surgery may be needed. This is why it’s so important to trust your care to only the best foot and ankle specialist Boynton Beach. Surgery can treat chronic instability caused by repeat sprains in athletes and highly active people.

Your options will be explained in detail during your consultation.

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Foot and ankle health should never be taken for granted. If you are suffering from pain and discomfort that is consistent with an ankle sprain, it’s time to visit us.