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Varicose Vein Complications

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When It’s Time to Worry about Varicose VeinsVaricose veins are a confusing condition for many people. To start, the condition is generally perceived as embarrassing. Varicose veins are discolored, twisted, and bulging veins that often run along the calves of the legs. As varicose veins worsen, their appearance may dissuade you from wanting to wear skirts or shorts, but long pants aren’t exactly practical or healthy year-round in Boca Raton. Varicose veins can cause added discomfort as you parade around in the 90+ degree South Florida heat all summer long, covered to your ankles. Varicose vein complications can cause serious health problems if not addressed.

This perception of varicose veins as an aesthetic concern distracts many people from the fact that this is a form of vein disease that can lead to serious health complications if not addressed. Whether your varicose veins are new or old, big or small, you should take the time to have them evaluated by your vein specialist. Dr. Schoenhaus can provide you with information about treatment options, lifestyle habits that prevent the worsening of the condition, and symptoms to watch for as varicose veins progress.

Potential complications from varicose veins include:

  • Ulcers
  • Blood clots

Ulcers are especially common near the ankles as a result of varicose veins. Ulcers can be spotted prior to their full development by a discolored area on the skin. Blood clots do not often form visual symptoms but are generally marked by swelling. An untreated blood clot can pose a serious health risk if it breaks away from the vein in which it is lodged and progresses towards a vital organ.

Not everyone who experiences varicose veins will develop complications from the condition, but a large percentage of people struggle with this vein disease for years before complications develop. This makes it hard for many people to tell when their varicose veins are a problem, and when it is okay to let them be.

Here are a few symptoms to watch for in regards to your varicose veins. The development of these symptoms could indicate a greater problem:

  • Veins become swollen or the skin surrounding the veins reddens
  • Veins are tender or warm
  • Bleeding veins

In Boca Raton, vein treatment is available for varicose veins of all shapes and sizes. You don’t need to wait for complications to develop to treat this as a serious medical condition. By finding treatment for your varicose veins early on you can cut your risk of further problems.

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