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Venous Congestion in the Legs

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If you have sudden, unexplained leg pain, then it may be worth a visit to your Delray Beach physician to find out what is causing the problem. You may be experiencing venous congestion, which is a condition of fluid buildup in the legs after a prolonged period of standing or sitting. However, there may be other explanations and only your doctor can accurately diagnose venous congestion symptoms.

The condition of venous congestion happens when the blood in your legs stops flowing as it should and instead starts pooling. This can be dangerous because the blood in your legs eventually makes its way to your heart. If your heart does not receive the amount of blood it needs to keep pumping continuously, this condition is known as venous insufficiency. The lack of blood flow causes a painful burning sensation in both your legs and feet. It will be necessary for you to see a doctor for proper foot care and treatment of your leg pain.

If you have experienced a buildup of blood in the legs or feet in the past, you have a higher likelihood of developing the problem a second time.

Other venous congestion symptoms you may also notice include varicose veins or spider veins protruding from your legs. These are veins that have risen to the skin surface due to lack of blood flow. Varicose veins tend to be just one enlarged vein at a time while spider veins usually form clusters of purplish skin resembling a spider web. Both of these conditions may be a precursor to venous congestion or venous inconsistency.

Your Delray Beach doctor may recommend that you wear a pair of support hose up to your knee to lessen the discomfort associated with these various vein conditions.

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