Preventing Foot Pain

People who suffer from chronic foot pain often cannot live out their normal daily lives. Everyday activities like walking, driving a car, cleaning your home, or grocery shopping become impossible. Many times, these individuals must rely on others for help in order to relieve the pain in their feet. However, by observing basic foot care, some people’s pain can be alleviated and halted altogether.

Seeing a podiatrist in Highland Park can provide you with the personal insight that you need to overcome your foot pain. For many people, shoes are the primary culprit in the development of foot pain. Shoes that are too tight, too flimsy, or have heels that are too high cause the foot to become vulnerable to muscle strains and ligament damage. Further, if a pair of shoes does not offer arch support, then you may experience discomfort when you bend your foot. For that reason it is generally recommended to find footwear that offers arch support and are sturdy, and of course are comfortable to wear.

Being overweight also is a common cause for foot pain. People who are overweight tend to suffer from a common condition called bone spurs. This condition causes pain in the heel and makes putting weight on the arch and heel of the foot very painful. Sometimes people develop limps because of the bone spurs.

Doctors can perform surgery in extreme cases of bone spurs. However, they most often recommend that overweight patients lose weight first to see if that corrects the condition. As a person loses weight, he or she may notice a lessening of the pain in their feet. Walking and bending the arches may also become easier. Weight loss, combined with sensible footwear, proves to be vital in your battle against frequent foot pain. Relieving these symptoms can help you to return to normal life.