Varicose Vein Myths and Where to Get Vein Treatment Boca Raton

More than three million cases of varicose veins are diagnosed by health professionals every year. As one of the most common venous diseases, it’s no surprise that several misleading myths surround the subject.

If you are suffering from varicose veins, you can get effective vein treatment Boca Raton. Learn about these varicose vein myths and book your appointment with a trusted Boca Raton podiatrist.

Myth: Varicose Veins Develop in Women Beyond Middle Age

Both men and women can develop varicose veins, mostly between the ages of 20 and 60. While the condition is more common in women who are older or who have given birth, it’s not completely exclusive to these groups.

If you are suffering from symptoms of varicose veins like prickly or burning sensations in the legs and visibly enlarged veins, you can talk to a podiatrist about vein treatment Boca Raton. Even if you don’t fall into the typical demographics, you could still need treatment to prevent complications and progression of the condition.

Myth: Varicose Veins are Easy to See

Varicose Veins PatientMost people know varicose as the bulging purple veins that are knotted, twisted, and sometimes protruding visibly from the skin. While this is a clear indicator of venous disease requiring vein treatment Boca Raton, not everyone will have symptoms that are so obvious.

Itching, restlessness in the feet and legs, swelling, dull aches, and a feeling of heaviness in the feet and lower legs can indicate varicose veins or another condition that requires vein treatment Boca Raton.

If you have symptoms that are out of the ordinary, you can call your podiatrist Boca Raton to schedule an examination. You don’t need to see the problem for something to be wrong.

Myth: Varicose Vein Treatment Boca Raton is Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Effective varicose vein treatment Boca Raton will result in cosmetic improvements. As veins are closed and absorbed into the body, the unsightly bulges and dark veins will no longer be seen.

However, this doesn’t mean that the treatment itself is purely cosmetic. Vein treatment Boca Raton includes closing or deactivating a vein so that blood is routed through healthier vessels. This can prevent the likelihood of clots and other complications.

Don’t simply accept your varicose veins as a cosmetic problem. There are genuine health reasons to have your  veins treated by a podiatrist Boca Raton.

Myth: Strenuous Exercise Can Cause Varicose Veins

Contrary to the popular myth, exercise is actually recommended by many health professionals as a way to limit the risk of developing varicose veins. Walking, and exercises that stretch the veins around the legs can help to maintain normal blood flow in the body. People who already have varicose veins can take up low-impact exercises like cycling and swimming to help promote good vein health. Compression bandages may be needed in cases where they are already present.

Schedule Varicose Vein Treatment Boca Raton

You can get varicose vein treatment Boca Raton at the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center. Our expert podiatrist team can diagnose the condition, evaluate any long-term risk factors, and recommend the best treatment. In some cases, lifestyle changes may be enough to prevent the progression of varicose.

For advanced venous diseases, our Boca Raton podiatrists use sclerotherapy, radio and laser treatment, and innovative solutions like VenaSeal™. Treatment will eliminate the risk of long-term complications while restoring healthy blood circulation in your legs.

Schedule your appointment today and get the best advice for varicose vein treatment Boca Raton.