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Caring for the Diabetic Foot

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Caring for the Diabetic FootIf you have diabetes, then you know that foot care is of the utmost importance, and caring for the diabetic foot should be done by a specialist. Something like a small cut or toe pain that the average Jane or Joe may overlook can become a problem for a diabetic patient if not addressed right away. Simple cuts, scrapes, or blisters can spell disaster if one is not careful.

Diabetic patients are encouraged to take special care of their feet. Preventative action like wearing good footwear, assessing your feet regularly, and using specialized lotions can do a great deal in preventing breaking of the skin and callouses that can lead to infection. Dr. Schoenhaus can help you develop positive strategies to take extra good care of your feet as you focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living with diabetes.

Maintaining foot health is a good idea for everyone, whether you are struggling with diabetes or not. However, for those who have diabetes, good foot care is critical.

Here are diabetic foot care tips to keep your feet healthy and happy:

  • Check your feet every day: Blisters can develop in the course of an hour. Stepping on a stone can cause a small cut that can lead to an infection. Callouses can dry out your skin and cause it to break, especially under your heel. Many diabetics experience nerve pain and may not sense the development of these problems. Check your feet every day so you know of any new cuts and can prevent infection from developing.
  • Avoid hot baths: Diabetic nerve damage or neuropathy can make it hard to tell if water is too hot. A bath that is too hot or a hot tub that is overheated can actually burn your skin without you even realizing it. Burns and blisters can lead to infection, which can be dangerous.
  • Wear shoes and socks: Never walk around barefoot—not even at the beach! Stepping on a stray pebble, shell, or piece of glass can cut your foot and expose you to infection. Thanks to damaged nerves it is possible you won’t feel the cut right away, and infections can spread quickly and potentially cause major health complications.

If you find that you are developing any sort of foot problem, then it is wise that you contact Dr. Schoenhaus right away. Everything from blisters and calluses to warts and hammertoes should be evaluated so you know the best course of treatment and what risks the condition poses to your health.

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