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Warning Signs You Need Treatment for Foot Pad Cushioning Boynton Beach

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Fat pad atrophy is a relatively painful condition that occurs when fat is lost in the soles of the feet, limiting support and leading to discomfort, bone injuries, and other complications.

The loss of the fat pads in your feet can be treated with foot pad cushioning Boynton Beach. Learn about the warning signs and know when to call your foot doctor Boynton Beach.

The Symptoms of Fat Pad Atrophy

The symptoms and warning signs of fat pad atrophy will signal when it’s time to talk to a podiatrist about foot pad cushioning Boynton Beach.

The fat pad is an area of thick tissue underneath both the ball and heel of each foot. It offers two primary functions:

  • Aid in the shifting of body weight to reduce stress on connective tissue and mechanical elements.
  • Minimize friction and pressure on the foot when standing and walking or running.

The warning signs can indicate a loss of foot pad cushioning Boynton Beach. If you are overweight, beyond middle age, have diabetes, often wear heels, have an unusually high natural arch in the foot, or suffer from arthritis, you are more likely to experience atrophy.

The symptoms include:

  • Feeling that there is swelling or a mass of hard skin forming at the ball or heel or either foot (or both.)
  • Regularly developing calluses on the feet.
  • Experiencing pain in the foot. This will worsen when walking on hard surfaces or when wearing heels or other footwear that lacks cushioning.
  • Feeling pain when standing for extended periods, or immediately after exercise.

Pain will usually subside in the evenings and with rest and will return in the morning shortly after getting on your feet. Fat pad atrophy presents symptoms that are similar to other conditions of the feet, so it’s important that you visit a foot doctor Boynton Beach for a professional diagnosis.

Treatment options are varied and depend on how advanced the condition is. The Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center offers several treatment options for foot pad cushioning Boynton Beach.

Your Treatment Options for Foot Pad Cushioning Boynton Beach

The right treatment for you will be based upon the characteristics of your feet and the diagnosis provided by your foot doctor Boynton Beach.

For moderate forms of the condition, avoiding activities that put excess pressure on the feet could help to limit its progression. Switching footwear and avoiding high heels may also be necessary.

Orthopedic insoles can be used to better redistribute your weight and avoid damaging the fat pads. Insoles can make walking and exercise more comfortable, especially if you have problems with your arches.

Fat pads can be restored with transplantation of tissue from other areas of the body, or with injectable fillers. Injectable fillers are one of the most effective forms of treatment today, due to minimal downtime and the immediate results that are offered.

To explore your treatment options, schedule an appointment with your foot doctor Boynton Beach today.

Get Treatment from the Best Podiatrist Boynton Beach

The loss of foot pad cushioning Boynton Beach can be treated at the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center. Our experienced podiatrist team will determine the best course of treatment based on your unique circumstances.

For a complete foot examination, call us today to book your consultation. Addressing fat pad atrophy can eliminate pain and allow you to wear the footwear that you’re most comfortable in.

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