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Common Foot Problems in Children

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Many kids endure the pain and discomfort of foot conditions for weeks or months, before finally visiting a podiatrist. Some parents might associate pain and discomfort to growing pains, or temporary injuries caused on the sports field or playground. If your child is suffering from any kind of foot problem, you need to take notice even if it seems minor. It’s important to get treatment to ensure good development and future health. Looking for a podiatrist in Boynton Beach? Click here. Below we highlight the most common foot problems in children.

Foot Conditions Common Foot Conditions in Children

Children are at high risk of developing foot conditions and ankle problems, especially if they are highly active. At the same time, kids are resilient and headstrong. They may not even notice problems, outside of a little discomfort. Some problems can develop during infancy, so parental vigilance is especially important.

As a parent, you need to carefully watch for the symptoms of common problems. Identifying these early will ensure that you can get effective care from your foot doctor in Boynton Beach.

Metatarsus Adductus

We often associate foot problems with older children and adults, but infants and toddlers can suffer from developmental issues that complicate growth. Metatarsus adductus, commonly known as pigeon foot, is a condition where the bones in the front part of the foot turn inwards. This is a developmental condition and it usually comes to the fore before your child’s second birthday.

This condition is more likely if your baby’s bottom was pointed downwards while they were in the womb. It also has a higher chance of developing if the mother had oligohydramnios during pregnancy.

This one is easy to spot, even before the first birthday. The back of the foot and ankles will appear normal, while the front half of the foot will angle inwards. Around half of all children with this condition will develop it on both feet.

It can be diagnosed through a physical exam with a trained podiatrist. If you live in Boynton Beach, Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus, a podiatrist with decades of experience can help your child. Click here for details.

While the problem can correct itself naturally, some children will need additional support, which is why it’s important to book a consultation with a foot doctor. Stretching exercises may be needed at home to help promote the realignment of the foot. Specially designed shoes or a splint may also be needed.

Surgery is also an option, but it is rare and will not be needed unless the foot has not corrected itself after around four years.


Flatfeet are relatively common conditions that can develop in people of any age with injury or normal body wear and tear. If it develops early in childhood, it could lead to foot pain and reduced mobility.

Pediatric flatfeet are when the arch of the foot doesn’t develop. When your child stands, their entire foot will come into contact with the ground. While it is often painless, some children will complain of discomfort. Flatfeet can also cause issues with the ankles and knees because the condition changes the natural alignment of the legs.

In cases where the flatfeet cause pain, the pain will usually increase with activity. The pain will be mostly localized to the heel and arch area. Children may also experience swelling at the inside of the ankle.

Flatfeet may be flexible or rigid. In cases where it’s flexible, the foot is arched normally when a child is sitting down or standing up on tiptoes. If it’s rigid, the foot will remain flat, no matter the position of your child.

Flexible flatfeet usually correct through normal development, and children can wear insoles that offer additional arch support. Rigid flatfeet may cause long-term problems and surgical intervention may be necessary.

If you believe your child is suffering from flatfeet and you are concerned about their health and development, you can book a consultation with a Boynton Beach podiatrist today.

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