Hiding Spider Veins

For many people, spider veins are a frustrating aesthetic concern. Though spider veins often develop for a variety of reasons, many people develop the condition while being overweight, but these red and blue lines and blemishes on your legs may persist even after you’ve lost weight. Many women develop the veins during their pregnancy, and long after giving birth are still struggling with the unsightly appearance.

You’ve shed all those excess pounds and drastically improved your appearance, but those unsightly veins may keep you feeling self-conscious. Not to fear — you may still make an impression in a bathing suit, skirt or shorts!

Medical treatment for spider veins is available and very successful, but here are a few quick fix tips while you are preparing for your appointment:

Many specialty stores carry concealing make up foundations designed to hide skin blemishes. If you mix it with body lotion, you can apply this make-up to the affected areas of your legs for a natural, blemish-free look. Spray-on tans, tanning gels or tanning creams may also conceal the problem.

Make-up solutions may not be practical if you’re determined to show off your newly trimmed-down body on the sands of Pompano Beach. Invest in some fashionable sarongs to wrap around your waist over the bikini. Cast off the sarong to go for a swim, and then quickly put it on again when you get out of the water.

Long pants and long skirts are the easiest solution when on dry land, of course, but may not be comfortable or practical in the Florida heat. Bermuda shorts or capris will help conceal the veins in your thighs. You may also consider wearing skirts with compression stockings that match the color of your skin. If the veins are so dark they stand out even in skin tone stockings, choose dark tan or black ones.