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Jogger’s Foot: Medial Plantar Neuropraxia

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If you have taken up running as part of your physical activities and you are experiencing pain in your heels, you may have jogger’s foot or medial plantar neuropraxia. Jogger’s foot is not common; it is most often seen in long-distance runners but is also sometimes seen in ballet dancers.

Jogger’s foot is medically known as medial plantar neuropraxia. The medial plantar nerve supplies sensation to the back part of the bottom of the foot. This nerve passes through a tunnel of bone. When there is swelling on the foot caused by the repetitive trauma of running, a jogger’s foot can be the result.

If you take up long-distance running, a proper foot care routine is a must. Make sure that all shoes fit properly and provide adequate support. Shoes that do not fit can cause this condition, and also more common painful foot problems such as bunions. Custom arch supports help some people, but, they can exacerbate problems in others.

If you have jogger’s foot, the problem usually goes away with rest. Talk to your Pompano Beach area physician and personal trainer to work out a low or no-impact fitness program so that you do not lose the level of physical fitness you have attained. You can also treat the pain and inflammation using ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines. When you start running again, take it easy. Stay off your feet if running causes pain. Usually, jogger’s foot or medial plantar neuropraxia will resolve without having to resort to surgery. However, some severe cases require surgery to relieve the compression.


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