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Fight Spider Veins in Style

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Compression stockings are among the leading forms of non-invasive home therapy options for spider veins and varicose veins, but many people are turned off by their distasteful appearance. The nude-colored stockings cling tightly to the leg, and in the South Florida sun, they can make for a hot (as in sweaty) accessory.

Wearing Compression Stockings can help treat Spider Veins

For those who battle with spider veins, the discomfort is worth the hassle. Compression stockings promote proper blood flow by adding pressure to the veins. As blood travels through your veins, the compression stockings hold your veins firmly in place, forcing blood to travel along its natural course despite any vein damage that it may encounter. Prescription-grade compression stockings are available through your vein specialist. For those who are experiencing only a minor development of spider veins, there are also stockings available over the counter that can provide minimal relief.

Compression stockings help lots of people experience:

  • Relief from leg swelling
  • Increased energy for fatigued legs
  • Respite from discomfort after sitting or standing all-day

Healthy Legs Doesn’t Have to Mean No Style!

The prevalence of spider veins has prompted a number of fashion-conscious patients to develop specialty lines of compression stockings. These stockings are much more stylish, offering a number of colors, textures, and designs with the same compression benefits of the flesh-colored stodgy variety that are fit to be seen at the hospital.

In addition to coming in different colors, plenty of compression stockings are available in a variety of lengths, including knee and thigh-high tights. Footless pantyhose are also available, as are stockings that are open-toed, which makes wearing sandals during the summer more of a possibility.

There are a number of ways to make wearing even the standard medical compression stockings a bit more style-friendly, and more comfortable.

  • Beat the Heat. It gets very hot in Boca Raton, and sweat can make your legs itchy beneath your stockings. Try putting baby powder on your skin before putting the compression stockings on. Though this won’t fight the heat, it can prevent the discomfort that comes as a result.
  • Layer on the Pantyhose. Typical store-bought stockings are not very thick, so even during the summer, they will not add too much constriction. Purchase a few pairs of thin, loose stockings that are fashionable, and try wearing those over your medical compression stockings. This is a great way to wear your stockings with sundresses or skirts.

With summer right around the corner, many people are shedding into their shorts and skirts as they head to the beach. Talk to your vein specialist to find out how long and how often you should be wearing your compression stockings, and use these tips to make the most out of your new accessory!


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