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Do Supplements Prevent Spider Veins?

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Spider veins are a common annoyance that many people will go to great lengths to hide. As summer approaches and shorts and bathing suits make their way out of the closet, you may be wondering if there is anything extra you can do to hide this troublesome issue. There are a number of medical treatment options for spider veins in Delray Beach, and in addition to these options, there are a number of home remedies and supplements that can help with spider veins—but do they really work?

Age, pregnancy, injury, sun damage, fluctuating hormones, and genetics are common causes of spider veins. They typically appear as small red or blue lines on the face or legs. Pregnancy-related spider veins may also occur on the chest, neck, and arms. Located close to the skin’s surface, spider veins often resemble a spider web and many people find their appearance to be embarrassing. While some spider veins may cause mild pain or discomfort, most are simply cosmetic issues.

Certain supplements have been suggested to fight spider veins, but none have been shown to provide support comparable to medical vein treatment. According to one report, patients who used topical creams with vitamin K experienced faster healing after spider vein laser removal. Vitamin K topical products claim to promote blood clotting, which reduces blood flow into the veins. More research is needed to support this claim. Vitamin K dietary supplements may be a better solution, as the nutrient deficiency is linked to bleeding problems and diabetes.

Currently, sclerotherapy appears to be the best treatment option for varicose and spider veins in Delray Beach. The procedure involves injecting a solution into the vein, causing it to scar and collapse. This re-routes the blood through healthier veins, while the collapsed vein fades over time.

Laser removal also works but is most effective after several treatments. People should only take vitamin K supplements if their doctor suggests it. High doses may trigger upset stomach and allergic reactions. Vitamin C supplements may also help, as the nutrient strengthens vein elasticity. Fortunately, many spider veins fade without treatment, especially those related to pregnancy.

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