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Arthritis in the Foot


Arthritis is a chronic condition that can quickly add stress and frustration to your day-to-day life. This is especially true when it affects the feet. Most of us take walking for granted, but when something like arthritis in the foot affects your ability to walk, one’s enjoyment of life can be adversely affected.

A common type of arthritis often affecting the feet is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is known for causing degeneration of the cartilage of the foot, as well as bone spurs on the ball of the foot. This most often occurs near the side of the foot and/or at the base of the big toe. Painful bunions can form. In more extreme cases there can be degeneration of the arch of the foot as well, leading to pain on the top of the foot. Nerve pain throughout the foot and burning sensations are often reported by osteoarthritis sufferers.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another form of arthritis that can cause foot pain. It often leads to inflammation of the joints at the ball of the foot, and this, in turn, causes the ligaments of the foot to become less taut. This loosening can in turn cause the bone of the foot to press against the skin of the bottom of the foot. Pain, calluses, and ulcerations can result. The most extreme cases of rheumatoid arthritis can actually cause curling and deformity of the toes.

Consulting a podiatrist is the first step in determining the severity of arthritis and the best action plan going forward. A foot specialist in Deerfield Beach can help.

Meanwhile, to minimize discomfort, arthritis sufferers should switch to a roomier and more padded shoe. Choose a comfortable design such as a running shoe if possible. Be sure to try on a variety of styles and walk around in them to find the best fit. A Deerfield Beach podiatrist can help you to manage and minimize your foot pain.