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Varicose Veins Boca

By Dr. Jason Gold, DPM, FACFAS | Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus DPM, RPhs, FACFAS

Many people, especially women, are mortified by their unsightly Varicose Veins Boca Raton, Florida has the answers to this oftentimes uncomfortable affliction at their very conveniently located Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center. Dr. Schoenhaus works diligently to make her desire to have every patient experience walking with comfort while they look great doing this important feat. Her friendly demeanor immediately puts her patients’ at ease. This dedicated professional takes her time to explain each unique patient’s options for state-of-the-art treatment that can literally change lifestyles for the better. This doctor will perform an in-depth assessment and voice her recommendations for remedying this all too common problem.

Patient’s do not have to fear coming to this superior center. The offices and services are set-up to provide a calming atmosphere. Dr. Schoenhaus has built her solid reputation on helping people conquer unsightly and sometimes painful varicose vein conditions. Patients feel relaxed in the trendy but serene setting of this revolutionary center. If you are a person striving to hide ugly varicose veins, give this top-notch facility a try. Newer treatments can dramatically improve your appearance, your every day mood and your ability to live a normal lifestyle with tremendous energy and passion.

Consulting with the staff at the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center could be the best gift to give yourself. This center houses some of the latest technological equipment designed specifically to eradicate or reduce troublesome varicose vein issues. Patients could not be in better hands than deciding to allow Dr. Schoenhaus to treat their perplexing problems. This doctor has made these sort of health problems her chosen specialty. Many patients are raving about the miraculous results that this caring doctor can accomplish. She treats all ages, but many with this problem tend to be middle aged or older.

Varicose veins often present as inflamed, twisted veins that usually will eventually impede healthy blood flow. This is a result of blood that tends to pool. Usually, individuals notice these embarrassing veins more often in the lower extremities. However, these defective veins can appear in other parts of the body as well. Some varicose veins can cause severe implications and unhealthy reactions. It is imperative to have a competent doctor like Dr. Schoenhaus evaluate your particular case. Sometimes, less severe forms of this unwanted health condition can be treated simply by a few lifestyle changes and wearing specially made compression stockings.

It is a known fact that sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause bothersome varicose veins to develop. You should check your body regularly for signs of this disorder if there is a family history. As individuals age, the risk factors of getting this disorder increases. Other risk factors are obesity, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure and and various sorts of hormonal changes. Left untreated, people may notice an increase of pain, especially in the afflicted and surrounding areas. Treatment that really works is available. Make an appointment for a thorough assessment of your particular areas of ongoing discomfort.

Fortunately there are some tell tale signs to watch out for. Varicose veins can cause pain ranging from mild to more severe. Patients often notice off and on throbbing or even aggravating cramping which can slow down activity. Some report an odd feeling of heaviness that was not there before. Swelling may develop at or around the afflicted vein or veins. Restless legs syndrome is a known indicator. Some people may notice that their skin develops dark areas. Some varicose veins coincide with a number of forms of skin irritation and/or an unexplained rash. Individuals with these symptoms should seriously consider getting their individualized problems evaluated.

Most of the above mentioned symptoms will have a tendency to develop at or close to the site of varicose veins. These should not be left alone or untreated as doing so can be hazardous to your future health. Serious problems can arise from untreated and progressively worsening varicose veins. Some of these scary health issues include a greater than average risk for developing deep vein thrombosis, skin ulcer outbreaks, actual bleeding and dangerous blood clot formation. As is apparent, treatment should be sought quickly if individuals are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms.

Milder forms of varicose veins may be treated by avoidance of sitting stationary or standing still for extended time periods. Many individuals gain relief by doctor approved compression hose worn as directed. These small but important measures can increase blood flow and alleviate many of the associated symptoms. In severe cases, Dr. Schoenhaus is adeptly qualified to perform a number of treatment options that are minimally invasive. These options include Radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy and even removal of the offending vein/veins via a laser removal procedure that is remarkably comfortably. Dr. Schoenhaus has pre-op and post-op pictures that are astonishingly incredible.

Dr. Schoenhaus is considered an expert in treating various degrees of varicose veins. She believes in educating her patients about their specific condition. Together, patient and doctor will arrive at a mutual agreement for a treatment plan. Today, everyone wants to look younger and do the activities that they most enjoy. Do not let uninvited varicose veins Boca put a damper on your active lifestyle. See what all the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center can offer you. Patients are awed by to cordial atmosphere, and they are blown away by the brilliant high-tech capabilities of this easy-to-visit specialized treatment center.

Dr. Schoenhaus started her current practice with a dream of helping others overcome specific health issues including varicose veins. Do not delay checking out their wonderful website at bocaratonfootcare.com. This site is designed for easy browsing, and individuals get a wealth of knowledge during their welcomed visit. Visitors can get a feel for Dr. Schoenhaus’ dream vision of providing a low-key but amazing center for treating health issues within her many realms of specialized training. Accessing this site is easy, and this Boca Center is the best in the region for treating Varicose Veins. Contact 561-750-3033 soon.

Dr. Jason Gold, DPM, FACFAS

Known for his expertise in thorough diagnostic testing and a steady surgical hand, Jason M. Gold, DPM, is a leader in modern foot and ankle care and sports medicine. He’s one of a handful of doctors who’s board certified in foot and ankle surgery in Palm Beach County. Dr. Jason Gold cares for patients at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, a state-of-the-art practice with locations in Boca Raton and Boynton, Florida.

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus , DPM - Podiatrist in Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus DPM, RPhs, FACFAS

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus is a foot, ankle, and leg vein specialist practicing in South Florida. She is considered a leader and innovator for various procedures in her field, including fat pad and vein care. Dr. Schoenhaus grew up in southern New Jersey and she considers herself a true Philly girl. After graduating from the University of Michigan, having studied kinesiology and human movement, she went to Temple University in Philadelphia where she got her doctorate.

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