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Preventing Spider Veins at the Beach

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Spring is finally here, and that means that summer is right around the corner. As the temperature continues to rise, chances are you are already planning your next beach trip. The South Florida sun can be exceptionally bright, which makes it even more important that you take the time to protect yourself from sun damage. Preventing sun damage and spider veins during summer can help make your summer experience memorable.

When you think of sun damage, you may have flashbacks to your childhood summer camp days featuring white sunblock on the nose and a stinging back that was bright red from sunburn. Sunburn is just the painful beginning of the damage that the sun is capable of. There are a number of problems caused by the sun that will develop over time and can last long term, including wrinkles and even skin cancer. One of the less recognized symptoms of sun damage affects your legs in particular—spider veins.

As you are working on your tan, you don’t need to also develop spider veins at Delray Beach. You can go out and enjoy the sun by being precautious and taking a few minutes to prepare yourself and prevent sun damage.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent sun damage, and the resulting occurrence of spider veins:

  • Don’t hit the beach during lunchtime. While grabbing a sandwich and heading to the beach may be your ultimate lunch break, it is not a good idea. The sun is at its highest peak during the midday hours. Stick to staying indoors between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm and head to the beach after work for some evening rays instead.
  • Cover up.  Another great way for preventing sun damage and spider veins during summer is to cover up. Keep the amount of direct exposure that your skin comes in contact with at minimal by wearing a cover-up to the beach. Go ahead and bask in the sun for a few minutes, but then put your hat on and the umbrella up. By bringing items that will protect you from the sun you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere without the resulting sun damage.
  • Wear sunblock. In South Florida, it is a good idea to wear sunblock all the time. Instead of piling on 100spf over your makeup in the morning, find a lotion that offers at least 15spf protection. When you wake up in the morning go ahead and put the lotion on your arms, legs, face, and shoulders. That way, as you are walking out of work and toss off your blazer or change into your gym clothes you will still be protected from the ever-shining sun.
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