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Your Boynton Beach Podiatrist Debunks Common Bunion Myths

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A bunion is an often painful deformity that forms where the big toe connects with the foot. Incorrect footwear and developmental problems can cause the big toe to bend inwards towards the smaller toes. Over time, a bony bump develops, leading to pain and inflammation.

Bunions develop over time and often don’t become painful until they reach an advanced stage. You can get bunion treatment with your podiatrist Boynton Beach.

There are a few common myths about bunions that are unhelpful and may even prevent you from getting the treatment that you need. Let’s explore them and put them to rest with your knowledgeable foot and ankle doctor Boynton Beach.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need to Treat a Bunion Until It’s Painful

Any kind of foot pain is a sign that you need to see your podiatrist Boynton Beach. While pain is often tolerated, it’s never normal. Ignoring pain or simply living through it could cause problems to progress, requiring more extensive treatment or surgery.

When considering a bunion, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as the problem is discovered. Some common symptoms of a bunion include:

  • Inflammed and red skin on the outer side of your big toe.
  • Calluses forming on your second toe where the big toe causes friction.
  • Thick skin underneath your big toe.
  • Persistent foot pain.
  • Difficulty when moving your big toe.
  • Difficulty walking because of the pain in your big toe.

Any of these symptoms is a reason to call your podiatrist Boynton Beach. Early detection allows for corrective treatment with very high success rates.

Myth #2: You’ll Need to Walk with Crutches After Bunion Surgery

There’s a dangerous misconception that bunion

surgery leads to severe post-operative pain and

months of walking with crutches. There was a time where bunion surgery would leave you with a cast and crutches for months during recovery. Modern methods have allowed for much swifter recovery times.

There are now advanced techniques available, and you can explore all of your options with your podiatrist Boynton Beach. At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, Dr. Jason Gold has extensive experience with advanced surgeries, including bone fusion for highly accurate realignment.

Don’t assume that the cure is worse than the symptoms. With talented podiatrists like Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus and Dr. Jason Gold, you can get effective treatment with a focus on recovery and full mobility.

Myth #3: Bunions Will Come Back, so Surgery is Pointless

post op hammertoe surgery

hammertoes 2-4 right foot and bunion

You may have heard that bunion surgery is only a temporary fix. Why spend so much money on surgery if you’re only going to suffer again later? That’s the mindset that some people have, and it’s a mistake to think this way.

A bunion reforming is a possibility, but it is highly unlikely, especially when you choose the best podiatrist Boynton Beach. An experienced surgeon will analyze your condition in detail and develop a treatment plan that provides long term relief from pain and the best biomechanical outcome for your foot. In short, the result will be long-lasting, and, in many cases, LIFE-lasting.

Myth #4: Bunion Surgery is Painful

We use our feet every day. Post-operative pain from a foot procedure can be more noticeable than other conditions, but it would be an exaggeration to say that bunion surgery causes excruciating pain. You won’t feel pain during the procedure itself, and any pain after surgery can be managed with medication.

Your podiatrist Boynton Beach will explain the expected outcome in detail so that you are comfortable with the procedure. Ultimately, any pain you experience after bunion surgery will be minor compared to avoiding treatment and dealing with a painful bunion for the rest of your life.

Talk to a Talented Podiatrist Boynton Beach Today

Forget the myths that you’ve heard about bunion surgery. At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, you will receive world-class care with effective treatment options. In the long term, treating a bunion can eliminate pain and restore your mobility.

Enjoy the freedom to live life without foot and toe pain. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

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