Six Signs That It’s Time to Visit a Veins Doctor Boynton Beach

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Vein health is key to fully functioning legs and feet. Venous insufficiency and complications from varicose veins can leave you in pain, with reduced mobility, and with potentially expensive medical bills. Treating vein problems as early as possible is essential, so it’s important to know when to visit a vein doctor Boynton Beach. The Foot,… Continue reading Six Signs That It’s Time to Visit a Veins Doctor Boynton Beach

Smoking and Leg Pain

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Cigarette smoking is linked to peripheral arterial disease and leg pain. Here is how to prevent the risk of vascular diseases such as PAD:

Venous Congestion in the Legs

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A prolonged period of standing or sitting can cause venous congestion which may lead to chronic leg pain. Here are the symptoms and treatment of venous congestion.

Shin Splints: Exercises and Treatments

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Shin splints are a type of leg pain caused by vigorous or repetitive activities such as running and sports. Read on for how to treat this medical condition.

Venous Congestion and Leg Pain

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One of the major causes of leg pain, as we get older, is venous congestion. Read on to learn how you can treat venous congestion in your feet and legs.