Ankle Sprain Treatment with a Foot and Ankle Specialist Boynton Beach

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When the foot is suddenly or violently turned or twisted sideways, an ankle sprain can occur. Although exercise and sports are the most common causes of these sprains, they sometimes occur during everyday activities. Stepping onto an uneven surface, an awkward trip, or a sudden loss of balance could all lead to a sprain. At […]

Heel Pain Treatment with Your Podiatrist Boynton Beach

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Heel pain is one of the most common reasons for people to visit a podiatrist Boynton Beach. While this type of pain can range from a mild annoyance to severe and debilitating, it’s something that should never be ignored. Even infrequent pain could suggest a more serious underlying condition, so it’s important that you get […]

Treat Basketball and Pickleball Injuries with Your Foot Doctor Boynton Beach

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When it comes to sports, few bring the same level of engagement, teamwork, and intense physical activity like basketball. Cardio, strength, agility, and specific skills like dribbling, pivoting, and jumping make basketball a real physical workout. It’s somewhat surprising that basketball is similar in many ways to pickleball, a racquet sport that combines elements of […]

Treat Common Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle with a Boynton Beach Podiatrist

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Athletes at all levels are at risk of developing injuries that require the attention of foot and ankle doctors. When you train, your focus is on improving your fitness and performance. Intensive sessions and competitive environments can lead to strains and even some more severe injuries that can be diagnosed by a podiatrist Boynton Beach. […]

Don’t Ignore Symptoms – Know When to visit a Foot Doctor Boca Raton

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Symptoms to Conditions of the foot and ankle should never be taken lightly. Your mobility is the key to independence. With painful or debilitating conditions you could find your quality of life significantly reduced. Failing to treat suspected injuries or conditions could compromise your ability to walk and stand comfortably, or engage in the sports […]

Treating Painful Atrophy with Fat Pad Cushioning Boca Raton

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Fat pad cushioning atrophy is a relatively common condition in South Florida, and when looking at the causes, it’s not hard to understand why.  The average person takes around 7,500 steps per day, even with moderate physical activity. This places significant pressure on the balls and heels of both feet. Over time, particularly after the […]