Making the Decision to Lose Weight

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Making the Decision to Lose Weight While making the decision to lose weight, it is important to prepare yourself mentally. Simply saying that you want to lose weight is easier than doing it. There are several steps that should be taken in order to succeed in your weight loss plan.   Firstly, you should decide […]

What are the Consequences of Leaving Plantar Fasciitis Untreated

Exercising Again after Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain, radiating from the bottom of the heel throughout the foot. The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects the inside of the heel bone to the toes. It supports the arch on the underside of the foot and absorbs strains we place on our foot […]

Why is tarsal tunnel syndrome worse at night?

Why is tarsal tunnel syndrome worse at night

Chronic compression of the tunnel between the bones of the tarsus and the tibia can lead to a painful disease known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. The tibial nerve is a little nerve that runs from the sciatic nerve down to your ankle. The tarsal tunnel is a small, bony, soft tissue-encased channel within the ankle […]

5 Risks of Barefoot Running Explained by Your Foot Doctor Boca Raton

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Barefoot running has emerged as a fitness trend in recent years. Some people claim that running barefoot has benefits ranging from a decrease in foot pain to improved performance with less energy used. However, if you’ve ever visited a foot doctor Boca Raton or anywhere else, you’ve likely been told that you need to wear […]

Have You Met Your Deductible?

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Anyone who’s ever dealt with health insurance knows that it can be complicated. Here’s a general, easy to understand explanation of how it works. Typically, people pay a fixed monthly amount for their health insurance. This is called your premium. The premium is the cost of your policy. Whether you get sick or not, or […]

Symptoms and Signs That You Need Bunion Treatment

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Anyone who has suffered from a bunion will tell you that the experience can be painful and uncomfortable. Bunions are deformities that produce bony bumps at the base of the big toe. They’re relatively common, with more than 3 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year. To diagnose and get Bunion Treatment, you’ll […]

When a Sports Injury is More Than it Seems – Signs of Ankle Fractures

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Some fractures might seem like ordinary sports trauma, and you may suspect a sprain or muscle injury is to blame for the discomfort and pain. Ankle fractures Boynton Beach may go misdiagnosed, especially if you don’t visit your podiatrist soon after suffering from the injury. If you are active and have sustained an injury to […]

Varicose Vein Myths and Where to Get Vein Treatment Boca Raton

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More than three million cases of varicose veins are diagnosed by health professionals every year. As one of the most common venous diseases, it’s no surprise that several misleading myths surround the subject. If you are suffering from varicose veins, you can get effective vein treatment Boca Raton. Learn about these varicose vein myths and […]

Medical study findings using Juvéderm Voluma treatment for fat pad atrophy

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We are pleased to report our intermediate-term medical study findings using Juvéderm Voluma as a treatment for fat pad atrophy. Fat pad atrophy is a condition where the natural padding in a person’s foot is lost or shifted. This loss of natural fat padding leads to high-pressure forces with walking causing pain with activity and […]