Protect Your Feet When Playing Sports – Tips from a Foot Doctor Boynton Beach

Tips from a Foot Doctor Boynton Beach! If you’re highly active with sports or other forms of exercise, you’re likely the type of person who cares a great deal about their health. Being active is an effective way to maintain cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of disease. However, it’s important that you balance sports and other athletic activities with some care for your feet and ankles.

When, you run, walk, and jump, extreme pressure is placed on your feet and ankles. Over time, this pressure could lead to conditions like foot pad atrophy, strains, and sprains. In some cases, not taking the right precautions could even cause foot fractures Boynton Beach.

Your mobility is key to the lifestyle that you lead. It’s essential that you protect your health with some simple but highly effective steps. Whether you’re moderately active or engage in sports and other activities regularly, you will find wisdom in these tips from a foot doctor Boynton beach.  Dr Gold has worked with professional golfers, NFL, MLB and soccer players.

Preventing Foot Fractures Boynton Beach and More with Effective Advice

Anybody who regularly plays sports will know how feet and ankles can take a real beating. Think of the constant movement, strenuous twists and turns, and the impact from running, sprinting, jumping and jogging. All of this adds up and can create problems over time. Sometimes, sudden movement, falls, and trips could cause sprains or foot fractures Boynton Beach.

Protecting your feet and your long-term health is an easy decision to make.

Wearing the Right Footwear

It’s essential that you wear the right footwear for the sports and activities that you love. The requirements can vary dramatically, which is obvious when you think about some of the common sports that people enjoy today.

Take skate shoes for example. Although extremely popular for casual wear, they aren’t the best option for anything other than skateboarding. They feature flat grippy soles that are designed to give maximum stability on the surface of a skateboard. However, they lack the cushioning and arch support that is needed for frequent running, jumping and sudden changes of direction. When people are in pain, cuatom orthtica can be added to the shoes to help alleviate pressure.

If you play sports like basketball or casual football, running shoes (trainers) could be an option. These typically provide good foot cushioning for moderate impact, and they do provide some ankle support. However, running shoes can fall short when playing basketball or other sports on an indoor court. They lack the right sole material and design for traction on slippery surfaces. A high quality mid or high top basketball shoe will provide better indoor traction with more ankle support and padding to prevent ankle fractures Boynton Beach.

If you enjoy hiking or outdoor adventure sports, you will need a shoe that offers ankle padding and support. Hiking shoes also need to have a rugged, grippy sole that will provide stability in all conditions on surfaces like grass, dirt, mud, and gravel. The ability to remain stable on an outdoor surface is essential. Any small slip or trip could cause you to land your feet on an odd angle, which increases the risk of foot fractures Boynton Beach.

It’s popular to purchase shoes online for convenience. However, if you regularly play sports or engage in physical activity, it is recommended that you visit a specialist shoe retailer so you can have an assistant properly size your feet and recommend shoes that offer the right support and traction/grip.

Do You Need an Ankle Brace to Prevent Ankle Fractures Boynton Beach?

ankle fractureThe right footwear can provide support for healthy feet and ankles. However, if you have suffered from a sprain or fracture in the past, you may need to wear an ankle brace to provide additional protection.

A brace provides support for the inside and outside of the ankle. They can alleviate pain, stiffness, and swelling. If you’re someone who is prone to injury due to the activities you engage in, a brace can be worn as a preventative measure.

Braces are more cost-effective and convenient than regular taping. If you want a brace to protect against future injury, you can talk to the team at the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center for a professional recommendation. Dr. Jason M. Gold is a leading foot and ankle care specialist with a focus on sports medicine. He’s the first choice for professional athletes in Florida, and he can provide the right advice that keeps you in the game with reduced risk of future injuries or deterioration.

Quick Tips for Optimum Foot Health

Athletes of any level should follow this general advice to remain in good health and prevent injuries.

  • If you have suffered a sprain or inflammation, take time off to recover. Minor injuries should be rested for at least a week. For more serious pain or suspected injuries, visit your foot doctor Boynton Beach.
  • Always wear the right equipment. As discussed, appropriate footwear is essential. In addition, your sport may call for additional paddings like shin guards, knee guards, and more.
  • If you play sports regularly then it’s worth focusing on strength and conditioning. With muscles and joints in top condition, you will be less likely to suffer an injury.
  • Follow the right form and technique. One on one coaching can help to improve your performance while limiting the risk of injury.
  • Take breaks during longer sporting events or physical activities. Always warm-up and down to protect muscles and joints.
  • Don’t ignore pain or discomfort. Pain that develops gradually and then becomes more severe during daily activities could indicate a stress foot fracture Boynton Beach. Even moderate pain and inflammation could suggest a serious problem. Visit a podiatrist/ foot and ankle specialist for a complete examination if you suspect that something is wrong.

Your Local Foot Doctor Boynton Beach

If you need advice, a routine examination, or if you suspect an injury, you can trust the team of board certified doctors at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center.

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus and Dr. Jason Gold are board-certifiedin foot and ankle surgery and experienced in treating a vast range of foot and ankle conditions. From foot fractures Boynton Beach to heel pain and soft tissue conditions, you will receive expert care that is focused on rehabilitation and the prevention of future injury.

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