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Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment Boynton Beach

By Dr. Jason Gold, DPM, FACFAS | Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus DPM, RPhs, FACFAS

Spider and varicose veins are often seen as simply cosmetic problems, but, if left untreated, these vein conditions can lead to discomfort, pain, and advanced complications. If you are looking for Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment in Boynton Beach, the team at the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center is here to help.

Understanding Vein Disease

Before we take a look at the available treatments, let’s learn about vein disease and two of the most common conditions that arise from it.

Your veins carry blood throughout your body and to the heart, ensuring that blood is oxygenated so that it can support normal function. Vein disease is relatively common and often results in spider veins and varicose veins.

Your veins are part of a closed system. In the legs, where blood is constantly fighting gravity, the veins use one-way valves. If these valves don’t work properly, blood can collect, causing venous insufficiency.

If you develop this form of vein disease, your risk of spider and varicose veins will increase.

  • Spider veins are small and appear underneath the skin. They form web patterns, which is where the name comes from.
  • Varicose veins bulge on the legs. They appear twisted and can be particularly prominent. They lead to discomfort, itching, and even swelling.

You can develop vein disease at any age, and it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. Females are most at risk after childbirth, due to increased pressure placed on the pelvic region and areas below the waist. Hormones and genetics are also a factor. Most cases of spider veins and varicose veins occur with age.

Varicose Vein Treatment Boynton Beach – Your Options

When visiting the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center in Boynton Beach, our podiatrists will perform a physical examination and assess your medical history. An ultrasound may be required to determine the extent of vein disease. Sometimes the problem is simply cosmetic, at other times it is medical and will require immediate varicose vein treatment.

There are several options that range from radiofrequency ablation to laser vein treatment. We will explore these below in detail…


bleeding varicose vein
Bleeding Varicose Vein
Varicose Vein
Varicose Vein


Radiofrequency Ablation Varicose Vein Treatment Boynton Beach

This is one of the most popular forms of treatment for varicose veins. Your Boynton Beach foot doctor will perform an ultrasound to map out the veins that will be treated.

This treatment method uses high-frequency radio waves that break down a damaged vein. 90% of patients find that just a single treatment with radiofrequency ablation will relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

There are significant benefits that come from this treatment.

  • It is minimally invasive and is performed as an outpatient procedure.
  • There is reduced post-procedure pain when compared to other methods.
  • There is a lower chance of blood clots forming after treatment.
  • Downtime is minimal, so you can get back to work or family commitments relatively quickly.

Talk to our vein doctor Boynton Beach to learn whether radiofrequency ablation is the right treatment for you.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy with a Foot Doctor Boynton Beach

Varicose veins that are heavily twisted and swollen may require ambulatory phlebectomy. This vein treatment Boynton Beach uses minimally invasive techniques to puncture the legs and remove swollen veins. The treatment is highly effective, especially when performed by an expert vein doctor.

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Minimal downtime and the ability to return to normal activity within days, or strenuous activity within weeks.
  • Because varicose veins are removed, the result is permanent.
  • Pain is minimal.
  • After-care requirements are minimal and include cleaning and compression.

Severe varicose veins that are causing pain and discomfort are usually removed with this option.

Laser Vein Treatment

In some cases of spider veins or varicose veins, a doctor will be able to perform laser treatment to close the vein and cause it to be reabsorbed into the body. This treatment is non-invasive, but it can require multiple sessions to see the full effects.

The benefits of this form of treatment are significant:

  • There’s no downtime or pain.
  • You can return to normal activity after your first treatment.
  • Varicose or spider veins can be treated in as little as three sessions.
  • There’s very little after-care required. Medical stockings are used to promote circulation following treatment, and sunblock should be used to promote healing.

If your spider or varicose veins aren’t highly advanced, Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus may recommend this vein treatment Boynton Beach. Contact us today to book an appointment and explore all your options.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Boynton Beach

Another highly effective medical procedure is sclerotherapy. This is used to eliminate both varicose veins and spider veins. A solution is injected directly into affected veins, irritating the lining and causing the vein to collapse and close. Scar tissue forms and the vein stops functioning, with blood flow rerouted to healthier channels.

This procedure has been in use for almost a century and is considered highly effective with few complications.

The befits of this treatment include:

  • Minimal pain and downtime. You can leave the clinic on the same day. Compression stockings and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used immediately following the procedure.
  • The vein will reduce in appearance and fully disappear within 12 weeks in most cases.
  • If your varicose veins are causing pain or swelling, this procedure may be covered by your health insurance.

The Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center in Boynton Beach is the best place to receive expert medical advice and treatments for spider veins and varicose veins. Eliminate pain, swelling, and discomfort, while also improving the cosmetic appearance of your legs.

Book an appointment now to explore sclerotherapy and our other vein treatment Boynton Beach options.

Dr. Jason Gold, DPM, FACFAS

Known for his expertise in thorough diagnostic testing and a steady surgical hand, Jason M. Gold, DPM, is a leader in modern foot and ankle care and sports medicine. He’s one of a handful of doctors who’s board certified in foot and ankle surgery in Palm Beach County. Dr. Jason Gold cares for patients at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, a state-of-the-art practice with locations in Boca Raton and Boynton, Florida.

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus , DPM - Podiatrist in Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus DPM, RPhs, FACFAS

Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus is a foot, ankle, and leg vein specialist practicing in South Florida. She is considered a leader and innovator for various procedures in her field, including fat pad and vein care. Dr. Schoenhaus grew up in southern New Jersey and she considers herself a true Philly girl. After graduating from the University of Michigan, having studied kinesiology and human movement, she went to Temple University in Philadelphia where she got her doctorate.

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