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Athletes push their bodies to the limit, and the repetitive play can place a lot of stress on the feet and ankles, which may result in an injury. If you’ve suffered a foot or ankle injury while participating in your favorite sport, top-rated podiatrists and sports medicine specialists, Jason Gold, DPM, and Jodi Schoenhaus, DPM, FACFAS, at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, with offices in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida, can provide the treatment you need to get back in the game. Book an appointment online or call today to schedule your examination.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a medical specialty focused on the health and wellness needs of athletes and active individuals. In addition to providing care to help you recover from your injury, your sports medicine specialist also helps improve your athletic performance to prevent additional injuries.

Dr. Gold is the sports medicine specialist at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center. He has worked with active individuals of all ages and is known for his treatment of professional athletes, including golfers, NFL, and MLB players. If you’ve suffered a foot or ankle injury or have concerns about your feet or ankles, Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus, who is highly experienced and board-certified in rearfoot and ankle surgery, can provide you with the care you need.

What are common foot and ankle sports injuries?

Depending on the sport you play, you may stress your feet and ankles to the max, which may increase the risk of injury. Common foot and ankle sports injuries include:

  • Sprained ankle
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fractures
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Metatarsalgia

If you suspect a foot or ankle injury, you should have it evaluated right away. Continued participation in your activity with an injury may make things worse and delay your recovery.

The experts at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center can evaluate your injury and develop the most appropriate treatment plan.

What treatment can help me recover from my sports injury?

Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus at Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center create individualized treatment plans based on your injury, sport, and overall health. The goal of your treatment is to heal your injury as quickly and safely as possible.

Treatment options may include:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Bracing or splinting
  • Physical therapy

Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus also offer stem cell therapy as a treatment for sports injuries. Stem cells are blank cells that have the ability to transform themselves into any type of cell your body needs and may accelerate the healing of your injury for a faster recovery.

If a surgical procedure is the best course of treatment for your sports injury, Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus discuss the options with you and recommend the most effective procedure.

How can sports medicine improve my performance?

In addition to helping you heal from your injury, Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus offer treatment to improve your athletic performance with custom orthotics. Your customized shoe inserts help your feet function properly to improve performance and minimize injuries.

Dr. Gold and Dr. Schoenhaus understand the unique needs of athletes and want to help you play and perform at your best. For a consultation, call Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center today or book an appointment online.