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Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Care in
Pompano Beach, FL

Come see the best Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Care doctors In Pompano Beach, constant foot pain and unsightly leg veins can interfere with your quality of life. In such a warm climate it is impractical to hide spider and varicose veins under long pants, and serious foot and ankle pain can leave you stranded indoors.

At the Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Center we offer state-of-the-art treatment methods to alleviate foot and ankle pain and reduce the appearance of embarrassing leg veins to help you get back on your feet and on the go in as little time as possible.

Laser Therapy at the Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Center

Laser therapy is a growing field that offers minimally and non-invasive corrective procedures for a wide variety of medical concerns. Laser therapy solutions are often completed with minimal down time and reduce the risk of complication when compared with other treatment methods.

Dr. Schoenhaus offers several forms of laser therapy for residents of Pompano Beach:

Dr. Schoenhaus and Dr, Gold are board certified foot and ankle surgeon.  They specialize in reconstructive rear-foot and ankle surgery and has conducted lectures nationally to educate other physicians in this field. Our doctors dedicated to providing residents of Pompano Beach and others throughout South Florida with comprehensive treatment methods to alleviate foot and ankle pain while also correcting venous diseases in the legs.

We offer treatment for:

The team of specialists at the Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Center offers minimally invasive care in a comfortable environment. We create orthotics, reduce the appearance of leg veins and find comprehensive solutions for whatever your source of foot or ankle pain. Our mission is to help all of South Florida walk with comfort and look great doing it.