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Life at the beach often includes plenty of fresh air and lots of sunshine. To make the most out of life in Highland Beach, you want to look and feel your best so you can fully enjoy all of the activities life has to offer.

If you have foot or ankle pain, however, you may not feel inclined to engage in the things you enjoy doing most. Additionally, if you have spider veins or varicose veins, you may be uncomfortable about the appearance of your legs and be inclined to wear pants even in warm weather. This may impede your quality of life at the beach.

At the Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Care Center, we can help alleviate the foot or ankle pain that may be preventing you from enjoying your favorite activities. We can also help reduce the appearance of spider and varicose veins so you can feel more comfortable about your legs and how they look.

We serve Highland Beach and South Florida residents, providing the best, most comprehensive care available for their foot, ankle or leg vein concerns.

Our Treatments

You can find comprehensive solutions at our facility for a number of issues. We provide orthotics, medical pedicures and a variety of laser therapy treatments.

Laser therapy is effective at providing relief for numerous cosmetic and medical conditions. We provide laser therapy for scar reduction, vein therapy, laser hair removal, nail fungus correction and wart removal to help you look and feel your very best.

Dr. Schoenhaus and her team of specialists can help you resolve any health issues you may have related to the following conditions:

Our knowledgeable team can help you find the most effective, minimally invasive treatment methods to resolve your foot, ankle or leg vein discomfort. Our mission is to help you walk with comfort and look good doing it.

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