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For people living in Deerfield Beach, unsightly leg veins, chronic foot pain and lingering ankle problems can interfere with your quality of life, potentially causing pain and frustration.

At the Foot, Ankle and Leg Vein Center, Dr. Schoenhaus offers a wide variety of comprehensive treatment options for foot pain, ankle pain and venous diseases to residents of Deerfield Beach, as well as aesthetic and antiaging treatment solutions using state-of-the-art laser therapy.

Dr. Schoenhaus is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon who also specializes in treating venous disease. She is dedicated to providing minimally-invasive treatment solutions to common foot, ankle and leg vein problems in a comfortable environment, helping you to return to your regular way of life in Deerfield Beach as quickly as possible.


Find Treatment for Foot Pain, Ankle Pain and Venous Disease in Deerfield Beach

Spider veins and varicose veins are a common problem, especially with age. Many people attempt to hide the unsightly veins by wearing long pants and compression stockings, but this is often impractical in the South Florida heat. Dr. Schoenhaus offers state-of-the-art treatment solutions for venous disease to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of spider and varicose veins.

In addition to treating vein disease, Dr. Schoenhaus treats:

Dr. Schoenhaus uses minimally and non-invasive therapy whenever possible to correct foot and ankle pain with minimal downtime. For many conditions laser therapy is available. This form of therapy uses specialized lasers that can target specific issues with precision treatment. Laser therapy is used to correct venous disease as well as for antiaging services.

Forms of laser therapy include:

Through minimally invasive surgery, non-invasive therapies and anti-aging solutions, Dr. Schoenhaus can help you overcome foot and ankle pain in Deerfield Beach and correct embarrassing issues so you feel comfortable in your skin.

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