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Get Your Legs Looking Great for the Summer with Vein Treatment Boynton Beach

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Vein Treatment Boynton Beach

Spider Vein pre-treatment
Spider Vein pre-treatment

Summer is here, and if you love the weather and spending time outdoors, you’ll want to look your best. Cosmetic appearance is closely linked to both physical and mental health. Spider veins and varicose veins can sap your confidence and stop you from doing the things that you love. More importantly, failing to treat cosmetic problems early could lead to serious health problems in the coming years.

Learn how you can get your legs looking amazing with vein treatment Boynton Beach and discover why it’s important to treat varicose and spider veins early.

Boost Your Confidence by Bidding Varicose Veins Farewell

Everyone should have the confidence to show off their legs or simply wear the clothes that they find comfortable. If you find yourself reaching for clothes that cover your legs because of unsightly spider veins, it’s time to do something about it.

Dark and bulging veins can put a damper on your self-esteem, particularly if you’re someone who once took pride in your healthy appearance.

Varicose veins and spider veins are so difficult to deal with because they’re not your fault. You could eat healthily and exercise, and still suffer from varicose veins due to various underlying factors. It can feel like you’ve lost control of your appearance, which can take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

With vein treatment Boynton Beach, you can eliminate unsightly varicose veins and spider veins. Treatment comes with very little pain and downtime. You’ll be able to quickly recover and go on to enjoy life on your own terms.

Most importantly, treating your veins early with a podiatrist Boynton Beach will help to protect your long-term health.

Vein Treatment Boynton Beach Can Prevent Complications

Although varicose veins are often cosmetic, they can become serious health concerns as time passes. These swollen veins can present problems in the years after they appear. Some of these include:

  • Difficult bleeding that requires medical attention.
  • Blood clots and inflammation or deep vein thrombosis.
  • Pulmonary embolism caused by blood clots reaching the lungs.
  • Ulceration caused by dermatitis ochre. Patches of purple, rust-colored, and dry skin around the ankles can indicate complications have already developed.

You must seek vein treatment Boynton Beach early. You’ll eliminate risk factors related to vein damage and insufficiency while looking and feeling your absolute best.

How are Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Treated?

Varicose Vein Treatment Before
Leg With Bulging Varicose Veins Before

Some cosmetic medical treatments are highly invasive and come with extensive costs, downtime, and pain or discomfort. Varicose vein and spider vein treatment is different.

With the expert care of the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, you’ll enjoy effective treatment options administered by the most experienced podiatrist Boynton Beach.

  • Sclerotherapy is an FDA approved treatment where a solution is injected into varicose veins, causing them to break down and be reabsorbed into the body. Blood flow is redirected to healthy veins, and the unsightly damaged veins become undetectable over time. Several treatments are necessary
  • Laser Vein Treatment is used to treat spider veins. A laser delivers heat to veins, damaging them and causing them to be broken down and reabsorbed. The body then heals naturally. Treatment can present some discomfort, so we usually apply a topical anesthetic to ease this.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation is also an option that may be recommended for vein treatment Boynton Beach. This minimally invasive procedure delivers high energy radio frequencies into veins to damage their walls, causing them to collapse and be reabsorbed.
  • Venaseal® is another effective treatment option for varicose veins that uses a medical adhesive to close damaged veins and redirect blood flow. This treatment is used in cases of vein reflux.

Sedatives can be used for some procedures to prevent pain and ensure your comfort.

Visit the Best Center for Leg Vein Treatment Boynton Beach

All our vein procedures are performed by Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus. Her extensive experience in vein treatment Boynton Beach will ensure flawless results and a swift recovery.

Don’t hide your legs away this summer. Walk with confidence and know that your long-term health is protected when you visit the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center in Boynton Beach.


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