Ankle Fracture

Fractured ankle treatment

SNAP! I broke my ankle, now what? Our expert surgeons can fix it.

Fractured ankle treatmentAn ankle fracture is when one or both of the bones are broken in the ankle joint. A fracture can range from a simple break, which may not stop you from walking to a more complicated break, which may cause immobility.

Treatment for a fractured ankle is based on the severity of the injury and the bone fractured. Sometimes, when the ankle is not displaced it can be treated with a cast. When two or more areas in the ankle are fractured or when the bones are displaced by greater than 2 mm it’s considered an unstable joint and surgery may be necessary.

After an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) patients are required to wear either a cast or a below knee cam walker for approximately six weeks and then gradually come out. Weight-bearing is determined based on several different factors including bone quality, type of fracture, and age of the patient. Most people return to normal daily activities, except for sport, within 3 to 4 months. Studies have shown that people can still be recovering up to five years after fractured ankle treatment.

Ankle Fractures Treatment in Boynton Beach

Only a medical professional can diagnose a fractured ankle. If you suspect you have broken or cracked a bone and you don’t need emergency medical care, you can book an appointment with us today!