Venaseal Treatment for Varicose Veins

Dr. Schoenhaus and the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center are pleased to offer the latest in varicose vein treatment, Venaseal. Venaseal is the latest FDA approved treatment for Venus insufficiency and varicose veins.  Thousands of cases using Venaseal have been performed in Europe with the same safety as laser and radio frequency procedures. Early results show an 95% effective rate of treatment of the veins with little to no risk factors involved.

Venaseal is a procedure in which a medical adhesive is used to close a portion of a vein that has reflux. Reflux occurs when blood flow moving towards the heart flows in reverse direction and blood pools by ankle. Reflux is due to one-way valves that are leaking and not working effectively. The standard treatment for this condition is to close off the bad portion of the vein so the blood can take a different path back to the heart.

Who is a candidate for Venaseal?

  1. Anyone who has Vein Reflux
  2. Patients allergic to local anesthesia- There is no anesthesia required for this procedure
  3. Patients who have had previous vein procedures
  4. Patients who have veins below the knee (Venaseal is better for this area as there is less risk of nerve injury.)

Procedure Highlights.

  1. In office procedure takes 15 minutes
  2. You can resume your activity immediately, no downtime
  3. No anesthesia required
  4. No procedure pain
  5. No need to wear compression stocking therapy after treatment
  6. You can travel immediately after, car or airplane

The procedure is currently covered by Medicare if the patient meets all of the requirements.

It is important that you have the procedure done by a well- trained specialist who is proficient in Venaseal procedures. At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center Dr. showing house has been doing vein treatments for 15 years and has performed over 5000 cases.