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What Causes Fat Pad Atrophy?

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With Fat Pad Cushioning Boca Raton You Can Wear Summer Footwear Again

Fat Pad Cushioning Boca RatonFlorida is famous for its warm climate and outdoor lifestyle. During the peak of summer and well into autumn, it’s sandal season in Boca Raton. Whether you’re enjoying some plaza shopping or hitting the beach or parks, sandals offer comfort with plenty of breathability so that you’re more comfortable Check out these Fat Pad Cushioning Boca Raton tips!.

That is unless you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from fat pad atrophy. Age, your weight, and even frequent exercise can cause the feet to lose protective fat. This results in pain and discomfort, making it near-impossible to walk comfortably in sandals or similar open footwear.

If you want to enjoy the warmer months without restrictions on what you can wear, it’s time to consider treatment for fat pad cushioning Boca Raton.

What Causes Fat Pad Atrophy?

Aging and a whole host of medical conditions can lead to fat pad atrophy. You’ll know if you have this condition, because the symptoms are impossible to ignore.

You may need fat pad cushioning Boca Raton if:

  • You have frequent pain in your feet, particularly when wearing heels, flat open shoes and sandals, or when walking or running on hard surfaces.
  • The pain intensifies when walking or standing for long periods.
  • Your feet are often swollen at the bottom of the heel.
  • The balls of your feet are becoming thick with calluses.
  • You feel like you’re constantly walking on pebbles.
  • You can feel bone when pressing at the bottom of your foot pad around the heel or ball.

You’re more likely to develop these symptoms as you age. The fat pads in the feet are broken down over time, leading to ongoing aches and discomfort. If you are overweight, you are also at higher risk. Frequently wearing high heels, flip flops, and sandals could cause fat pads to break down.

Even if you’re healthy and exercise often, you may need fat pad cushioning Boca Raton. People who run or walk often will have more wear and tear on the soles of the feet, potentially leading to atrophy.

You should never ignore pain and discomfort in your feet. Loss of foot pad cushioning could leave you wearing bulky shoes with additional support, seriously putting a damper on your summer fun. Ignoring the pain can lead to a worsening condition that requires extensive corrective treatment.

At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center, you can treat fat pad atrophy and enjoy comfort like you haven’t had in years.

How We Perform Fat Pad Cushioning Boca Raton

Fat Pad Cushioning Boca RatonMost fat pad restoration procedures are performed with injectable fillers or fat pad replacement.

Fillers have been used for more than two decades, and our podiatrist team is highly experienced in this procedure. The benefit of this treatment is that there’s almost no downtime. You can walk into the clinic, have the procedure, and walk out on the same day. The changes in comfort and even the appearance of your feet are immediate. We can restore feet that have atrophied with age, or that have been damaged from exercise or improper footwear.

Fat pad transfer is another option that can be recommended. This is a surgical procedure, so the recovery time is longer, but the result is long lasting. This may be necessary if you have extensive loss of fat pad cushioning Boca Raton. In the surgery, fat will be taken from a buttock or the stomach area and transplanted into the foot. You can walk with a special shoe immediately after the procedure.

Your foot doctor Boca Raton will explore all treatment options after a thorough examination.

Visit a Podiatrist for Fat Pad Cushioning Boca Raton

Don’t let the summer end without getting treatment for your feet. Pain and discomfort aren’t normal. You can feel younger and more agile with feet that provide plenty of cushioning and support. Enjoy the freedom to wear the footwear that feels comfortable, and even walk barefoot on some surfaces after having treatment.

For expert care, diagnosis, and the most effective procedures, trust the team at the Foot, Ankle, and Leg Vein Center. We’re available for consultation today and have made adjustments to protect your health during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Call now to schedule an appointment and restore your fat pad cushioning Boca Raton.


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