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Tips to Recover From Sport Injury with Your Foot Doctor Boynton Beach


Being active with sports can allow you to socialize, improve your fitness and coordination, and even improve your mental performance. For professionals or those aspiring to reach the peak of their discipline, sports becomes a lifestyle. Even with the right training and conditioning, sport injury can and often do occur.

From sprained ankles to fractures, you must follow the right treatment and recovery plan so that you can get back to sports quickly and with minimized risk of complication or further injury. These tips from your foot doctor Boynton Beach can help to hasten the recovery process.


Follow the RICE Method as Soon as Possible

With most sports injuries, pain and inflammation will develop quickly. To reduce swelling and pain in the hours and days following an injury, follow the RICE method.

RICE is an acronym for Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation.

  • Rest means getting off the injured foot or leg and limiting your movement. This can promote healing and prevent further aggravation of the injured site.
  • Icing means applying an ice pack or special cold pack for up to 20 minutes when necessary to alleviate pain. Icing can also limit inflammation.
  • Compression can stabilize the site of the injury (especially in ankle injuries) to help support the joint and reduce swelling. A bandage or compression stocking should be tight enough that you can feel it, but it should not restrict blood flow, cause numbness, or leave deep indentations in the skin.
  • Elevation is another way to reduce swelling. It can also minimize pain. Elevate your foot above your heart when resting.

For minor injuries, the RICE method may be all you need to quickly recover and get back to the activities that you love. However, if you suffer from pain that worsens or lasts more than a day without getting better, you’ll need to visit your foot doctor Boynton Beach for a full examination.


Visit Your Foot Doctor Boynton Beach if Injury is Severe or if Your Mobility is Limited


Getting effective treatment quickly is the best way to minimize downtime after an injury. If you don’t treat an injury effectively, it could lead to chronic problems that affect your performance over the long term.

While you might be tempted to power through the pain of an injury, this is never a good idea. Pain should decrease when using the RICE method or taking anti-inflammatory medications. If it doesn’t or if it progresses in the first 24 hours after your injury, it’s time to visit your foot doctor Boynton Beach.


Consider Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Recovering from a sprain, muscle injury, and tendon/ligament injuries can be made easier with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Your foot doctor Boynton Beach will draw some of your blood and separate the plasma using a centrifuge. The concentrated solution will be rich in proteins that help improve the healing process. Some additives may be added to the solution to help alleviate pain and support healing.

Athletes who have club, school, or even professional commitments can use PRP therapy to minimize the recovery time without compromising the quality of healing and rehabilitation.


Schedule a Consultation with Your Podiatrist Boynton Beach if Recovery Isn’t as Expected

Most athletes and sportspeople who are in good physical condition will be able to recover from common sports injuries. If you feel at any time that your recovery is taking too long or if your mobility isn’t returning, you need to schedule a consultation with your foot doctor Boynton Beach.

Having expert support throughout the process will ensure that you are following the right steps to get you back to peak performance while protecting your long term health.

Call the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center today to schedule a consultation with the best podiatrist Boynton Beach.