Keeping Your Feet Healthy Year-Round: Tips from Your Podiatrist Boynton Beach

Just as you take care of your teeth every day, you should take the same approach to foot care. The average male takes over 5,300 steps per day, while the average female is just as active, taking over 4,900 steps. If you’re highly active, the number could be much higher. Feet need to bear the entire weight of your body. If yours aren’t healthy, you’ll find it difficult to exercise or perform daily tasks, and you could suffer from lingering pain even while resting.

Even if you aren’t suffering from a foot condition today, you should take some simple steps to preserve your health and mobility. Here are some easy tips to follow, from your podiatrist Boynton Beach.

Check Your Feet Daily to Detect Problems Early

Like all medical conditions, those that develop in the feet are easier to treat when they are detected early. Checking your feet should be a daily routine.

  • Look for swelling and cuts.
  • Check for dry skin that could be cracking or peeling.
  • Check around your toenails for signs of infection, redness, swelling, or cracking.
  • Take note of how your feet feel. Are you experiencing pain? Do they feel tired and weak? Have you noticed any tingling or numbness?

By checking your feet daily, you’ll know how they should feel when they’re healthy. It will become simple to spot anything outside of the ordinary. Pain, redness, rashes, tingling, and other abnormalities should be referred to your podiatrist Boynton Beach. If it’s difficult to walk or if you feel discomfort when you’re off your feet, it could be a sign of damage or a developmental condition that needs treatment.

Keep Your Feet Dry as Much as Possible

There’s a risk of fungus and bad odors if your feet are damp or wet throughout the day. You can wash your feet daily with a mild soap in warm water. However, you should avoid soaking your feet, as this can cause them to dry out, leading to irritation and flaking skin.

Invest in high-quality cotton socks that absorb moisture. Change your socks daily to prevent bacterial growth. There are hundreds of thousands of sweat glands in your feet, so it’s normal to have some perspiration when wearing shoes all day. If your feet sweat excessively, consider using a foot deodorant spray or powder before you put on your socks.

If you can’t control sweating and your feet are starting to develop fungus or other problems, you can talk to your foot doctor Boynton Beach for diagnosis treatment options.


Wear the Right Footwear

For comfort and good health, you need to wear shoes that provide adequate arch and ankle support. Flats and flip flops are ok to wear occasionally, but these shouldn’t be your primary choices. If you’re playing sports, wear shoes that are well fitted and suited to the activity. For sports where you will run, jump, and pivot, you will need additional ankle support.

High heels are fashionable but they’re not good for foot health. If you are wearing heels often, especially those with tight pointed ends, you could risk developing bunions or other bone conditions. If your feet feel sore or you often develop calluses or blisters, it’s a sign that you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

Your podiatrist Boynton Beach can provide advice to get you into the right footwear, no matter your profession or lifestyle. Orthotic inserts can be used in some cases to provide additional support and correction for any abnormalities.

Use Sunblock if You Wear Open Footwear

In Florida where the weather is hot, humid, and sunny, you’ll often find yourself wearing open or semi-open footwear. Skin cancer is a major risk with extended exposure to the sun. Sunblock can help to protect your feet when you’re at the beach or enjoying the outdoors. A high SPF factor (at least SPF30) will limit damage from UV radiation, minimizing the risk of sunburn and melanomas.

Call Your Podiatrist Boynton Beach When You Experience Pain and Discomfort

Everyone experiences foot pain at some point. Sometimes it’s caused by overuse. A long day on your feet or a strenuous exercise session could leave your feet tender and a little sore. If the pain or discomfort persists for more than a day, it could be a sign of something more serious.

Never ignore foot pain, discomfort, or any abnormalities that you experience. Your body will tell you when something’s not right, so watch for the signs, and contact your podiatrist Boynton Beach if problems are ongoing, progressive, or limiting your mobility.

At the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Center you can receive expert treatment from the best foot doctors in Palm Beach County. Pay attention to your foot health. Your foot and ankle doctor Boynton Beach can diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing support so that you can enjoy good foot health for life.