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High Arch Complications

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According to most physicians, the higher the arches of your feet, the more likely you are to suffer from certain foot disorders. These disorders can range from mildly uncomfortable to the cause of debilitating pain. If you have high arches, be aware of these potential high arch complications:

Cavus Foot

This is the medical name for arches that are extremely high. People who have cavus foot have too much of their body weight centered over the ball and heel of their foot, which can cause foot pain. This condition is often treated with surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis

This disorder occurs when the ligaments in the arch become inflamed. Extra stress on the arch of the foot can cause pain that is sometimes severe enough that sufferers are unable to walk. Treatments include stretching exercises and cortisone shots.

Trench Foot

Also called immersion foot, this is a condition that feet can develop if they are kept wet for too long. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and dead tissue that sloughs off the foot. This condition is not limited to people with high arches, but those that do have high arches are at an increased risk for developing the disease. It can be prevented by keeping your feet dry and being careful about your hygiene.

Tingly Feet

This can come from trench foot, and can also be a symptom of nerve damage in the feet. If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor to determine the cause.

Bunions and Corns

Bunions and corns are some of the most common high arch complications that often develop on the feet because of poorly fitted shoes. Those heels may look great when you step out to visit your favorite Palm Beach restaurants, but they could be causing serious damage to your feet. Limit the time you spend in shoes that are not comfortable and well-fitted, especially if you are suffering from high arches.