No one enters into foot surgery hoping it will fail. No foot surgeon performs foot surgery thinking the outcome will not be beneficial for the patient. Still, not all foot surgeries are successful. Often times, patients are left with continued pain and foot abnormalities.
With a lengthy recovery from surgery and attempts at physical therapy and change in shoes the last thing patients want is more surgery. An alternative to a second surgery is the use of foot fillers. Toes that hit the toe next to it, ball of foot pain, bunions and heel pain may benefit from cushioning and the use of foot fillers or fat transfers. The dermal fillers can be mixed with protein-rich plasma (PRP) for a regenerative medicine improvement. 
Foot fillers would help the pain in the foot by providing an internal cushion. It will not correct the condition but can provide a cushion and relief of pain. The filler stimulates the bodies collagen to provide a thickened cushion under the skin that can help reduce high-pressure areas of the foot.
- Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus
Jodi Schoenhaus

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